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Greg Pierson


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Portland, Oregon’s very own Greg Pierson stands as a beacon in the entrepreneurial landscape. A serial entrepreneur, he seamlessly weaves leadership, innovation, and tenacity. Notably, he pioneered the realm of device-based reputation systems, shifting the paradigms of online fraud management and consumer authentication.

Growing up in North Portland, His early years were marked by familial warmth and a commitment to hard work. The family’s move to Northeast Portland was more than a change of scenery; it was the bedrock of values that shaped him. With a father deeply involved in facility management and a mother who was a passionate English teacher, his foundation was built on diligence and the magic of words.

Three decades stand as a testament to Greg’s unwavering love for his high school sweetheart. Married for an impressive 35 years, the duo has weathered life’s highs and lows. Their family, a blend of budding academia and high school adventures, is a source of pride. He often attributes the pillars of his success to his wife, emphasizing the integral role she’s played throughout his journey.

Pierson’s foray into the business world began at Accenture, a consulting stint that saw him weave solutions to intricate business conundrums. With a Midas touch, he contributed significantly to stalwarts like Nordstrom, Bridgestone Firestone, and Land’s End, ushering in systemic and process changes.

His trajectory is punctuated by relentless innovation. Over time, he’s added to the intellectual reservoir by co-authoring and securing a plethora of patents. These span fraud management, user authentication, and fortified transaction processes.

While his knack for deciphering problems is commendable, his true prowess is evident in his ability to foster cohesive teams. Harnessing the collective strength of individuals, he’s translated visionary outlines into tangible successes. For him, clarity in vision, a harmonious organizational culture, and adept conflict navigation form the linchpin of his business ventures.

Greg is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary who’s redefined the contours of business with unparalleled innovation and team synergy.

Greg Pierson

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